The Zero Cost Solution to Energy Savings

With an eLight lighting upgrade your business will:

Save up to 30% off your warehouse lighting costs

Get cash flow positive from day one

Enjoy a specialist team with unique experience

Receive a maintenance free LED upgrade

Make no payment, your solution is funded by your savings

Benefits of an eLight lighting upgrade

Your business is probably wasting money on lighting

We know 90% of companies are operating inefficient lighting which:

  • Consumes too much energy
  • Delivers poor quality light
  • Has high maintenance costs

Technology Benefits

Our state-of-the-art LED system delivers the highest quality lighting, uses far less energy and with smart switches and intelligent programming controls, control is at your fingertips. Let eLight implement a turn-key zero cost energy efficiency solution and deliver a high performance LED lighting upgrade for your business, enabling you to preserve your capital and focus on your core business.

Improved compliance

New regulations mean your buildings have to be more energy-efficient. By 2018, these regulations will be law. Even now, many tenders require you to supply evidence of your energy efficiency. Upgrade to LED with eLight and get compliant, get eco-friendly and improve workplace Health & Safety.

Improved productivity

A better LED solution means better lighting throughout your workplace. And better lighting means better working conditions – leading to happier workers, improved safety, and increased productivity. An eLight LED solution doesn’t just pay for itself – it can make you more profitable in other ways too.

Increase employee productivity by 5-8%
Reduce sickness and loss of days by 2%

Environmental benefits

An issue of increasing importance is the impact that your business has on the environment – upgrading to LED is one of the easiest and most effective ways to manage and reduce this impact. LED is proven as the most environmentally friendly lighting available and by making the switch your business can reap the many benefits that come with it, helping your business get eco-friendly and have the competitive advantage.

Get compliant (mandatory by 2018)

Reduce bulb replacement – LED lasts 20 times longer than traditional lighting

Burn less energy – LED uses 80% less energy than traditional lighting.

No maintenance