About Us

energy efficient lighting upgrades completed
LED products installed in properties throughout the UK and Ireland
KgCo2 in reduced energy use for clients
eLight clients are estimated to save over £9m on their energy bills in 2018


eLight “Light as a Service” is the number one solutions experts in the supply, installation and management of fully-guaranteed, energy efficient LED lighting solutions to the commercial business sector in the UK and Ireland.eLight

We invest 100% of the capital cost associated with the design, supply, installation, operation and maintenance of energy efficient lighting projects, over an agreed term, with the energy savings achieved completely funding the project.

We invest in projects that offer the highest levels of performance, using market-leading products that are fit for purpose and supported by our full replacement guarantee.

In association with leading lighting suppliers and our service partners we can provide our clients with a countrywide service to dramatically reduce their existing lighting energy costs with our fully-guaranteed solution requiring no capital investment from the business.

Although optimising energy efficiency makes strong business sense, opportunities to reduce energy demand are often overlooked, as a result of the associated up-front capital cost and know-how required to put necessary changes into action. Market demand for energy efficiency solutions is growing rapidly due to high, and rising, energy prices and regulations, however investment in energy efficiency is less established than renewable energy offering and often requires customised solutions.

At eLight, we deliver replicable and scalable complete solutions for energy efficient lighting projects. By establishing our dedicated energy efficiency fund, our strategy is long term, we undertake projects over an agreed time period which might not otherwise be implemented. Our specialist, professional and streamlined approach to contracting, financing, and installation and risk management over the fixed year term ensures we implement a full maintenance free solution for all of our projects, delivering energy savings that directly benefit our clients.

eLight works with commercial businesses all throughout the UK and Ireland to deliver fully-funded energy saving projects and guaranteed solutions to provide “Light as a Service”.