Your questions answered

A. We have made strategic partnerships to ensure we can access the best products. Where a client has a preferred partner manufacturer, we will happily work with them as long as our strict product criteria is met.

A. eLight is essentially a global clean tech lighting business that provides energy cost saving solutions to corporate and public sector organisations. We specialise in providing Light as a Service through LED technology and our goal is to deploy £100m of project finance over the next 3 years into qualifying companies.

A. LED technology is proven to cut lighting costs therefore unlocking profit and reducing carbon emissions.

A. We only invest in established organisations that have a good track record, a healthy balance sheet and have been trading for at least five years. Our products are typically aimed at companies with current lighting costs of over £50,000 pa, who have their lights on for more than 12 hours a day.

A. Our contracts are 7 year service agreements.

A. Within 90 days eLight could have a full installation programme arranged ready for deployment. Installation times are based on case-to-case operations, but our process means no hassle installation and they are guaranteed.

A. Yes. Most LED products are weatherproof (IP66) and many are fully waterproof (IP68) rated.

A. We offer all types of office, retail, industrial and commercial lighting. This includes suitable lighting for the public sector, hospitality sector, retail, storage, car parks, warehouses and street lighting.

A. Yes. We are UK based but accept applications worldwide.

A. Zero. By investing in leading-edge technology in exchange for a share of energy savings over a set period, you are guaranteed savings with no outlay required.

A. We will make a full property evaluation and site survey to create your individual cost saving assessment.  Savings are typically between 30-50% on your current energy costs, depending on burn hours and type of light replaced.

A. It is now universally accepted that LED solutions deliver the highest light quality and superior levels of reliability. The products we have selected are the best in the market, with dimming & control systems and colour temperature matches. We can match or improve existing lighting.

A. Yes. At the end of the contract, you will be transferred ownership of the lights.

A. eLight provides a full turn-key solution. This includes free installation, maintenance, guaranteed like-for-like replacement in the unlikely event of a failure.